Nintendo 64 Console / Emulator

Nintendo 64 Console: Requires a flash cart.

Windows: Drag and drop a compatible rom onto the patch.bat script.

GNU/Linux: Run ./patch <rom-file>.

A patched rom will be created. It can be played with an emulator or transferred to a flash cart. For emulator usage, you will need to enable Expansion Pak emulation. On some emulators, you may need to change CPU Core Style to Interpreter. For use with a flash cart, your N64 will need an Expansion Pak.

Enabling line features on N64

Windows: Select both your patched rom and a microcode rom, then drag and drop them onto the inject_ucode.bat script.

GNU/Linux: Run ./inject_ucode <patched-rom> <ucode-rom>.

The currently known and supported microcode roms are Hey You, Pikachu! (U) and Hey You, Pikachu! (J).