Note: Gameshark support has been deprecated. It is still provided, but without guarantees.

Note: These instructions only cover Windows users.

You will need:

  • An N64 with a supported game cartridge, and an Expansion Pak.
  • A Gameshark with a functional parallel port (note that some 3.3s only have dummy ports).
  • A Parallel to USB adapter cable with bidirectional communication support. The included Gameshark utility is designed to function with a Moschip MCS7705 cable, and has only been tested with a version 3.3 Gameshark.
  • Zadig, a usb driver tool.

Follow these steps;

  1. Boot the Gameshark with your game cartridge. If your game requires a special keycode to boot, you'll first need to boot the Gameshark with a game that works with the default keycode, select the the required keycode in the Key Codes menu, and then reboot with the game you wish to use with The Practice ROM.
  2. In the Select Cheat Codes menu, select your game and make sure the (M) code is active, if one exists.
  3. In the Start Game submenu, enable the Code Generator option, and select Start Game With Selected Codes.
  4. Connect the Gameshark to your computer with your Parallel to USB adapter cable.
  5. Start Zadig and select the Gameshark in the device the list (probably named USB Device or something similar).
  6. Select libusbK in the driver list and click Replace Driver.
  7. Navigate to the directory that corresponds to your game and run the upload.bat script. This will instruct the Gameshark utility to upload The Practice ROM to the game's memory, and then disconnect the Gameshark. The operation will take a while.
  8. When the upload is completed, you can disconnect the USB cable and start playing.