To build this software, you need to have the n64 tools installed. See the readme in the n64 repository for instructions. To make a VC inject with a Wii WAD, you need gzinject to be installed.


To build all gz binaries, navigate to the root directory of the repository and run make. To build binaries that will work correctly on the Wii VC, you must have configured the n64 tools with --enable-vc when building the MIPS toolchain.


To create a UPS patch or a pre-patched rom, run patch/make-patch <rom-file> or patch/make-rom <rom-file>. <rom-file> should be an unmodified rom to be used for creating the patch. Use patch/make-patch-vc <rom-file> to create a rom patch that targets the Wii VC. To create a patched Wii WAD with a gz rom inject, run patch/make-wad <wad-file>.